Sustainable Food Systems Sourcebook

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 Portland, Oregon
The M.S. in Food Systems and Society at OHSU combines in-person and online learning about food systems and social change. Our cohort-based structure combines online courses with short on-campus courses in Portland, Oregon.
 New York, New York
The Nutrition and Food Science (NFS) major in the CUNY School of Public Health at Hunter College campus is a diverse science-based program where students learn about food and its effect on our health.
 Olympia, Washington
This program will take a scientific approach to food and cooking. This interdisciplinary exploration of food will take a broad ecological systems approach.
 Vancouver, British Columbia
Arguably the most important challenge for the world community in the 21st Century is Global Food Security – our ability to create a sufficient, healthy, safe, culturally relevant and economically accessible food system for everyone.
 Sharon, Vermont
Using a systems-based approach to address the complex problems within our food systems, we empower and support people to affect the necessary changes to restore health to people and planet through our daily actions.
 Wallingford, Connecticut
Sustainable Foods Systems is a unique consulting service that partners with community organizations to incorporate sustainability practices that are healthier for their customers, local economies and the planet.

7. ECO City Farms

 Riverdale Park, Maryland
ECO provides a diverse range of consulting services to individuals and organizations committed to sustainable urban development and cultivating healthy lifestyles.

8. Food Dignity Project

Sustainable Agriculture
In the face of soaring obesity and hunger rates, socioeconomic decline, and threats of peak soil and peak oil, many communities are making paths to a brighter future by building community food systems that aim to nourish everyone.

9. Food First

 Oakland, California
Food First envisions a world in which all people have access to healthy, ecologically produced, and culturally appropriate food. Food First supports activists, social movements, alliances, and coalitions working for systemic change

10. FamilyFarmed

Food Systems
 Chicago, Illinois
FamilyFarmed is a non-profit organization committed to expanding the production, marketing and distribution of locally grown and responsibly produced food, in order to enhance the social, economic, and environmental health of our communities.

11. Tisch Food Center

Sustainable Agriculture
 New York, New York
The Tisch Food Center cultivates research about connections between a just, sustainable food system and healthy eating, and translates it into recommendations and resources for educators, policy makers, and community advocates.
 Buffalo, New York
The Food Systems Planning and Healthy Communities Lab (‘the Food Lab’), a research group led by Dr. Samina Raja, housed in the School of Architecture and Planning at the University at Buffalo (UB).
 Burlington, Vermont
At The University of Vermont Medical Center, we understand that nutrition and food systems are inextricably linked to the health of our patients and our community. This is reflected in our commitment to serving fresh, locally produced food.

14. Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future

Food Security,Food Studies,Food Systems,Online
 Baltimore, Maryland
Our work is driven by the concept that public health, diet, food production and the environment are deeply interrelated and that understanding these relationships is crucial in pursuing a livable future.
 Vancouver, British Columbia
Cultivating Healthy Places is an international consulting business specializing in social equity, community health and resilient food systems planning.
Sustainable Food and Drink – Organic, Fairtrade, Free From, local and more.. Increasingly we seek food and drink that is: good for our health, good for the planet, and produced naturally.
 East Lansing, Michigan
Our vision is a thriving economy, equity and sustainability for Michigan, the country and the planet through food systems rooted in local regions and centered on food that is healthy, green, fair and affordable.
 Ann Arbor, Michigan
The University of Michigan Sustainable Food Systems Initiative engages an interdisciplinary mix of students, faculty, and communities at local and global levels to learn from and build food systems that are health-promoting and economically viable.
 Berkeley, California
The Berkeley Food Institute seeks to transform food systems to expand access to healthy, affordable food and promote sustainable and equitable food production. We empower new leaders with capacities to cultivate diverse and healthy food systems.
 Asheville, North Carolina
ASAP works to strengthen local and regional food systems and build healthier communities. We support family farms, markets, create community connections to local food, and conduct rigorous food systems research at our Local Food Research Center.