Sustainable Food Systems Sourcebook

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 Allendale Charter Township, Michigan
Students preparing for careers in local food enterprise, sustainability, education, business, social work, non-profit administration and other fields will benefit from the skills and experience necessary to address the role of food in community life.
 Greenfield, Massachusetts
Focuses on sustainable farming and building resilient food systems. Students gain hands-on skills such as food cultivation, design of annual and perennial production systems, season-extension technologies, and food preservation.
 Mesa, Arizona
The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Sustainable Food Systems program is designed for students who want to learn about historical events that mark the nation's current food model.
 Portland, Oregon
The Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Food Systems at Portland State University offers students the opportunity to explore the complex issues and relationships between food, people, and society.
 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Certificate in Sustainable Food Systems offers all Temple University undergraduate students the opportunity to enhance their majors with an interdisciplinary approach to investigate the complexities of food systems.
 Medford, Massachusetts
This program is ideal for professionals engaged in a variety of food-related businesses and organizations, as well as others interested in implementing sustainable practices for their organizations, partners, and communities.
 Celina, Ohio
The Certificate Program in Food Systems Management is an interdisciplinary program focused on the fundamentals of food science, agriculture and management relating to food system operations.
 Athens, Georgia
NESAWG, a project of the Tides Center, is a 12-state network of over 500 participating organizations. Together, we unite farm and food system practitioners and allies to build a sustainable, just, and economically vibrant region.
 Ann Arbor, Michigan
The graduate certificate in Sustainable Food Systems is one focus area of the graduate certificate in Sustainability. The Sustainability graduate certificate provides the knowledge, skill sets, and credentials relevant to sustainability.
 Tampa, Florida
This certificate program will provide a general foundation in sustainability and a solid understanding of key issues in food systems and safety/security.
 Burlington, Vermont
Our innovative 3-week online and on-campus cross-disciplinary program develops visionary leaders by offering solutions to the social, environmental, diet, and health impacts of our food system.
 Pullman, Washington
Established in the Fall of 2008, WSU’s Certificate in Organic Agriculture, the first in the nation, develops a solid background in the agricultural sciences, including an understanding of complex agriculture and food systems.

94. Tasting the Future

Food Security,Agroecology,Food Systems,Sustainable Agriculture
Working wide variety of organisations including governments, businesses and civil society organisations, with the aim of creating a global sustainable food system - one that is sustainable, fair and equitable.
 Burlington, Vermont
Our program prepares students to address challenging problems of contemporary food systems, such as building climate change resilience, reducing waste across the supply chain and exploring equitable distribution and fair labor practices.
 New York, New York
KK&P works with communities, non-profits, and the private sector to create stronger food systems. We apply a combination of analytic, strategic, and tactical approaches to every problem and deliver solutions that are meaningful and measurable.
 Richmond, British Columbia
 Corvallis, Oregon
To advance sustainable agriculture, community food systems, and economic progress for Oregon's small farmers and ranchers and provide a leading-edge experience for students.

99. The Green Urban Lunch Box

Community Nutrition
 Salt Lake City, Utah
The Green Urban Lunch Box’s vision is to create and build a sustainable community around food. Our programs revitalize neglected spaces to grow food, prevent food waste, inspire a new generation of farmers.
 Royalton, Vermont
CAFS is dedicated to creating food systems that are more sustainable, just, and humane. We do this by training law and policy leaders, designing innovative legal and policy tools, and generating creative ideas to advance progress and inspire change.