Sustainable Food Systems Sourcebook

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 Dryden, New York
he Sustainable Farming and Food Systems program emphasizes the practical skills it takes to manage a small, diverse farm, while providing students with a broad exposure to the social and ecological considerations of truly sustainable food production.
 Greenfield, Massachusetts
The Farm and Food Systems initiative at Greenfield Community College provides students with an interdisciplinary understanding of the ecological, economic, political, and social systems as they relate to food and farming.
 Austin, Texas
ACC's Sustainable Agriculture Program offers courses that focus on ecological farming, quality of life and farm profitability. Our courses are designed to provide production and business skills training.
 Pittsboro, North Carolina
An AAS in Sustainable Agriculture prepares students for work in a variety of food and sustainability fields, including farm management, advocacy and education, work in wholesale and retail produce.
 Lillington, North Carolina
Practical solutions are available as an antidote to some of the biggest challenges of our time related to human and environmental health. CCCC's Sustainable Agriculture Program has been training new farmers and food system entrepreneurs for 15 years.
 Greenfield, Massachusetts
Focuses on sustainable farming and building resilient food systems. Students gain hands-on skills such as food cultivation, design of annual and perennial production systems, season-extension technologies, and food preservation.
 Quincy, Illinois
In support of this rapidly growing industry JWCC offers many for-credit courses in the College's Sustainable Local Foods Farming Certificate, a financial aid and WIA eligible 30 credit hour program.
 Mesa, Arizona
The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Sustainable Food Systems program is designed for students who want to learn about historical events that mark the nation's current food model.
 Overland Park, Kansas
A one-year certificate in Sustainable Agriculture, Market Farming introduces basic principles and hands on experience in production and direct marketing of locally grown food.
 Mount Pleasant, Texas
The agriculture program at Northeast Texas Community College provides students with a solid background in cutting edge technologies a traditional management strategies to provide leadership for the agriculture industry of the future.

11. Central Wyoming College: Beginning Farmer Training and Farm Incubator

Food Security,Permaculture ,Agroecology,Food Systems,Sustainable Agriculture,Organic
 Lander, Wyoming
As a community college, we know local; and we want to help aspiring and beginning farmers grow nutritious foods by developing financially and environmentally sustainable farm businesses.