Sustainable Food Systems Sourcebook

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 Gibsonia, PA
Understanding of how food is grown, treated, harvested, marketed, sold, purchased, consumed, shared, and discarded. Understanding of the impact it has on its suppliers, consumers, and environment. And understanding of how it affects us all.
 Portland, Oregon
The M.S. in Food Systems and Society at OHSU combines in-person and online learning about food systems and social change. Our cohort-based structure combines online courses with short on-campus courses in Portland, Oregon.
 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The first and only program of its kind, the MS in Culinary Arts and Science answers the call of the food-focused, academic- and career-minded student.
 Vancouver, British Columbia
Arguably the most important challenge for the world community in the 21st Century is Global Food Security – our ability to create a sufficient, healthy, safe, culturally relevant and economically accessible food system for everyone.
 Edmonton, Alberta
The Master of Arts in Community Engagement is an interdisciplinary, thesis-based degree program that offers students an opportunity to develop an understanding of the field of community engagement and the practices and processes that inform it.
 Burlington, Vermont
UVM is a global leader in food systems education, research, and collaboration. We are the first and only university in the country to offer undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees in Food Systems.
 Itta Bena, Mississippi
 Burlington, Vermont
Our program prepares students to address challenging problems of contemporary food systems, such as building climate change resilience, reducing waste across the supply chain and exploring equitable distribution and fair labor practices.
 New York City, New York
Our students gain practical expertise through innovative coursework that addresses 21st-century needs and developments by drawing on the connections between what we consume and how we live.
 New York, New York
One of the first master’s degree programs in the US devoted to food scholarship, Food Studies at NYU employs approaches from the humanities and social sciences and prepares you to analyze the current American food system.
 Royalton, Vermont
CAFS is dedicated to creating food systems that are more sustainable, just, and humane. We do this by training law and policy leaders, designing innovative legal and policy tools, and generating creative ideas to advance progress and inspire change.
 Portland, Maine
Lead the Global-Local Sea Change in Ocean Foods Systems! Our Masters students are working in seafood sustainability, ecological approaches to aquaculture and fisheries, seafood value chains, and sustainable ocean uses.