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University of North Carolina: Food for All

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill,

Food Studies
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“Food for All: Local and Global Perspectives” challenges the entire campus community to explore wide-ranging topics from the regional study of food cultures and history in the American South to national and global issues of nutrition, community health and well-being, food security, world hunger, agricultural economics, resource management, sustainable development, climate change, and trade. As an international leader in food cultures, nutrition, and public health, UNC-Chapel Hill has long embraced food-related research, teaching, publication, and service.

The goal of “Food for All” is to motivate conversation and research about food-focused scholarship and public engagement on a campus, state, national and global level. It will also encourage and support food-related activity such as new courses, digital humanities projects, film and documentary work, speaker series, scholar and artist-in-residence programs, applied research, performing arts events and services projects across the campus, the Triangle community, and North Carolina.