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Sustainable Agriculture Education Association

Promoting the teaching and learning of sustainable agriculture

Promoting the teaching and learning of sustainable agriculture

General info
When it comes to food system education that is experiential, interdisciplinary, and systems-based, the SAEA conference strives to walk the talk. We, the participants, will make the conference, with a schedule and format explicitly designed to support people learning as both individuals and groups. When we meet and work together, we form an education-focused “community of practice” that helps us learn not only more about teaching food systems, but about the world in which we live and work, ourselves and each other. The SAEA champions innovative educational approaches for sustainable agriculture through the development, application, and research of teaching and learning practices. The SAEA conference is not focused on sustainable agriculture or food systems as topical areas, in and of themselves. The goal of the conference is to connect educators, teachers, students, apprentices, staff, and administrators who focus on teaching and learning at the adult level.

SAEA believes that how we teach and learn is as important as what we teach and learn, and that this is especially true when approaching the challenges and opportunities we face in creating a more just food system.