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Local solutions. Planet healthy.

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Sustainable Food Systems partners with others interested in incorporating planet-healthy practices into their food service systems. We believe that utilizing sustainability practices strengthens our local communities and economies as well as the larger world around us.

John Turenne, working closely with food pioneer Alice Waters, designed, developed and implemented the internationally recognized Yale Sustainable Food Project by challenging a conventional food service system with a back-to-basics nurturing approach that returned the focus to where it belongs — the food!

Mr. Turenne, Founder and President, established Sustainable Food Systems in 2005 to help organizations and institutions implement sustainability practices in food production, service and waste management. Sustainable Food Systems utilizes over 30 years experience in conventional and sustainable food programs to help others understand the global impact of their operational decisions. The SFS Team has paired educational and health care institutions with local agricultural communities to deliver a healthier product for customers, local economies and the planet. Organizations and their customers have grown to understand the benefits of sustainability practices — for themselves, their budget, the community and the planet.

Garnering unprecedented customer accolades and international recognition for our methods and our results, our Team utilizes existing systems, sound research, professional experience and new planet healthy practices to take programs to the next level of sustainability for long-term well-being.

Sustainable Food Systems has had the privilege of working with organizations and institutions of varying sizes and with multiple needs. Large colleges and universities, like Harvard Medical School, call on us in need of the direction and clarity of a complete consultative assessment. We worked “behind the scenes” with Jamie Oliver Ltd. on their award-winning television show, The Food Revolution, in Huntington, WV. Our client list also includes smaller hospitals, schools, and senior and day care facilities in need of the support and direction of an ongoing, managed food service program.