Sustainable Food Systems Sourcebook

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 Dryden, New York
he Sustainable Farming and Food Systems program emphasizes the practical skills it takes to manage a small, diverse farm, while providing students with a broad exposure to the social and ecological considerations of truly sustainable food production.
 Pearl City, Hawaii
UH West Oʻahu’s Bachelor of Applied Science with a concentration in Sustainable Community Food Systems (BAS-SCFS) prepares students for jobs in the sustainable food and agriculture sector in Hawai‘i and beyond.
 Wallingford, Connecticut
Sustainable Foods Systems is a unique consulting service that partners with community organizations to incorporate sustainability practices that are healthier for their customers, local economies and the planet.
 Burlington, Vermont
At The University of Vermont Medical Center, we understand that nutrition and food systems are inextricably linked to the health of our patients and our community. This is reflected in our commitment to serving fresh, locally produced food.

5. Food Dignity Project

Sustainable Agriculture
In the face of soaring obesity and hunger rates, socioeconomic decline, and threats of peak soil and peak oil, many communities are making paths to a brighter future by building community food systems that aim to nourish everyone.
 Greenfield, Massachusetts
The Farm and Food Systems initiative at Greenfield Community College provides students with an interdisciplinary understanding of the ecological, economic, political, and social systems as they relate to food and farming.
The Missouri statewide strategic plan for extension programs in sustainable agriculture, titled, SUSTAINING PEOPLE THROUGH AGRICULTURE, was developed in 1995.
 Vancouver, British Columbia
Cultivating Healthy Places is an international consulting business specializing in social equity, community health and resilient food systems planning.
 Thunder Bay, Ontario
Canadian Association for Food Studies (CAFS). CAFS was founded by academics and professionals from governmental and community organizations interested in promoting interdisciplinary scholarship in the broad area of food systems.
 Asheville, North Carolina
ASAP works to strengthen local and regional food systems and build healthier communities. We support family farms, markets, create community connections to local food, and conduct rigorous food systems research at our Local Food Research Center.
 Baton Rouge, Louisiana
The mission of the Louisiana Food Access Summit is to stimulate engagement of farmers, community members, organizations, and policy makers by resetting the table to combat hunger and strengthen Louisiana’s regional and local food systems.
 Greenfield, Massachusetts
Focuses on sustainable farming and building resilient food systems. Students gain hands-on skills such as food cultivation, design of annual and perennial production systems, season-extension technologies, and food preservation.
 Mesa, Arizona
The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Sustainable Food Systems program is designed for students who want to learn about historical events that mark the nation's current food model.
 Corvallis, Oregon
To advance sustainable agriculture, community food systems, and economic progress for Oregon's small farmers and ranchers and provide a leading-edge experience for students.
The Missouri statewide strategic plan for extension programs in sustainable agriculture, titled, SUSTAINING PEOPLE THROUGH AGRICULTURE, was developed in 1995.

16. Working Food

Food Systems

18. North Carolina State University: Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems

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 Raleigh, North Carolina
The major offers students three concentration areas: Agroecology Research and Production, Community Food Systems, and Urban Horticulture and there is a Agroecology Minor program. Many opportunities for research, internships and community engagement.