Sustainable Food Systems Sourcebook

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 Gibsonia, PA
Understanding of how food is grown, treated, harvested, marketed, sold, purchased, consumed, shared, and discarded. Understanding of the impact it has on its suppliers, consumers, and environment. And understanding of how it affects us all.
 Bar Harbor, Maine
Understanding food and its production requires insights from history, anthropology, economics, politics, ecology, botany, chemistry, and so on. Accordingly, we have a diverse and interdisciplinary set of classes in farming and food systems.
 New York, New York
Food is central to our existence, but the social and cultural study of food is a relative newcomer to the academy.
 Portland, Oregon
The M.S. in Food Systems and Society at OHSU combines in-person and online learning about food systems and social change. Our cohort-based structure combines online courses with short on-campus courses in Portland, Oregon.
 Boone, North Carolina
We are a critical development studies department that is committed to preparing students for both thoughtful analysis of the processes of human development and applied practice in the pursuit of transformative, community-driven development.
 San Luis Obispo, California
With a Food Science degree, you can influence food choices and possibilities. The average supermarket carries more than 20,000 items, most of which were developed into safe, affordable, and tasty products by food scientists.
 Falcon Heights, Minnesota
CFANS recently created the Food Systems major due to popular demand! Students in this major study the systems that feed the human population.
 Turlock, California
The concentration in Permaculture is an emphasis available to students in the Agricultural Studies major. Permaculture is a design approach for agro-ecosystems.
 New York, New York
The Nutrition and Food Science (NFS) major in the CUNY School of Public Health at Hunter College campus is a diverse science-based program where students learn about food and its effect on our health.
 Clemson, South Carolina
Majoring in food science and human nutrition isn’t just about food; it’s about the whole process — from the design to the distribution stages and everything in between.
 New Britain, Pennsylvania
Our students will learn the basic sciences and build upon that knowledge an understanding of the plant, animal, social, and agribusiness components of a sustainable agricultural system.
 Kalispell, Montana
The Integrated Agriculture and Food Systems program will prepare students to develop and manage their own farm business, or to pursue careers in agricultural and horticultural science, sales, or production.
 Dryden, New York
he Sustainable Farming and Food Systems program emphasizes the practical skills it takes to manage a small, diverse farm, while providing students with a broad exposure to the social and ecological considerations of truly sustainable food production.
 Bozeman, Montana
The Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems (SFBS) B.S. degree program is an exciting, innovative interdisciplinary program from Montana State University that promotes the sustainable production, distribution, and consumption of food and bioenergy.
 West Lafayette, Indiana
Learn how to design and manage a small farm enterprise. Study the principles of sustainable agriculture including non-chemical pest and soil management.
 Cobleskill, New York
The global food system is rapidly changing and so is the demand for professionals who understand the processes, businesses and policies that get food from farm to plate all over the world.
 Davis, California
Students in the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems major focus on the social, economic and environmental aspects of agriculture and develop a thorough understanding of our food cycle from farm to table and beyond.
 Pullman, Washington
The Agricultural and Food Systems degree program is an exciting, college-wide, interdisciplinary program that offers a Bachelor of Science degree with five majors from which to choose.
 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The first and only program of its kind, the MS in Culinary Arts and Science answers the call of the food-focused, academic- and career-minded student.
 Vancouver, British Columbia
Arguably the most important challenge for the world community in the 21st Century is Global Food Security – our ability to create a sufficient, healthy, safe, culturally relevant and economically accessible food system for everyone.