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Whether you are a business looking to integrate sustainable food systems into your operation, a teacher hoping to start a schoolyard garden, an individual who wants to expand into winter production in your backyard or a new farmer looking to build a hoophouse, we bring a whole systems design approach in an accessible way. We can help you design and implement new urban farms in your community. We can assist by designing and building farm infrastructure (including hoophouses), facilitating farm design, developing integrated composting systems, design for edible landscaping and research assistance such as conducting local food systems analysis for your institution.

Our style melds DIY ingenuity with tech savvy innovation for low-cost, effective strategies.  We have studied urban agriculture, permaculture,  sustainable construction and commercial composting across the country but we are practicioners first, so our model is ever evolving as we learn and grow.  We specialize in the small, the practical and the sustainable solutions that are necessary to transition our region to a vibrant local foodshed.

We consult on a variety of design and build projects related to food systems, waste management and urban agriculture strategies. This ranges from implementing a composting system that works for schools to building a hoophouse on small farms, to consulting on farm design for intensive food production in backyards. We are selective about which projects we can take on, but if your project aligns with our mission for proliferating urban agriculture in the region then we would love to work with you.

Our primary areas of focus are: 1. Compost systems and design, 2. Hoop house design and construction 3. Season extension strategies, 3. Whole systems farm design 4. Basic land use, layout and farm design

ECO also develops and implements well rounded educational programs in the areas of nutrition and cooking, healthy eating and living, and youth development.