Sustainable Food Systems Sourcebook

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 Brunswick, Maine
CEI’s Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Program supports an economically just and sustainable food system that creates quality jobs for a diverse workforce and builds wealth and resilience in rural communities.
 Raleigh, North Carolina
 Mississauga, Ontario
You will benefit from working with a full service Canadian foodservices management advisory and design team with the proven, clear insight you need to move forward confidently.
 Shelburne, Vermont
The Food Systems Research Institute supports companies and institutions across sectors, including private business, public institutions, non-profits, NGOs, and educational entities.
 Sharon, Vermont
Using a systems-based approach to address the complex problems within our food systems, we empower and support people to affect the necessary changes to restore health to people and planet through our daily actions.
 Cambridge, Massachusetts
Julia Shanks Food Consulting works with food and agricultural entrepreneurs to help them achieve and maintain financial sustainability.

7. Lunch Lessons LLC

Food Systems
 Boulder, Colorado
Lunch Lessons LLC, co-owned by Ann Cooper and Beth Collins, brings a uniquely qualified team to projects spanning food systems, culinary, finance and business services and school district administration experience.

8. David Cohlmeyer

Food Systems
 Thornton, Ontario
The food we grow, purchase and create truly impacts our climate, biodiversity and culture. We can no longer be complacent about our food choices. Appropriate food selections preserve our soil, maintain our jobs, and strengthen our wellbeing.

9. ECO City Farms

 Riverdale Park, Maryland
ECO provides a diverse range of consulting services to individuals and organizations committed to sustainable urban development and cultivating healthy lifestyles.

10. Fair Food

Food Systems
 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Fair Food is a nonprofit that connects wholesale buyers and small- and medium-sized farms in the Greater Philadelphia region in order to increase business viability to save farmland and bring locally grown food to the marketplace.
 Wallingford, Connecticut
Sustainable Foods Systems is a unique consulting service that partners with community organizations to incorporate sustainability practices that are healthier for their customers, local economies and the planet.
 Wimberley, Texas
We are a for-profit company that helps landowners, communities, and organizations solve technical and natural resource related problems. We provide access to capital and government programs, build capacity, and manage projects.
 Ann Arbor, Michigan
Fair Food Fund provides financing and business assistance to good food enterprises that connect small and mid-size farms with consumers hungry for local, sustainably grown food.

14. FamilyFarmed

Food Systems
 Chicago, Illinois
FamilyFarmed is a non-profit organization committed to expanding the production, marketing and distribution of locally grown and responsibly produced food, in order to enhance the social, economic, and environmental health of our communities.

15. Fare Resources

Food Systems
 Emeryville, California
Fare Resources is transforming the way people eat at companies, schools and institutions. Our food programs are built and operated on a foundation of people, food and design.

16. Fiddlehead LLC

 Portland, Oregon
Spending time outdoors is a simple and pleasurable way to celebrate relationship and connection-with friends, family, and neighbors to the livings systems that support us.

17. Food Matters

Food Systems
 Brighton, England
Food Matters operates as a consultancy providing expert input to a wide range of different initiatives in the community food sector.

18. Garden Party

Sustainable Agriculture
 Saint Agatha, Ontario
Garden Party can help you develop more sustainable practices, obtain organic certification or develop a direct farm marketing plan.
 Brooklyn, New York
As consultants, our primary objective and focus is to always succeed in achieving the stated outcomes and expectations of our clients.

20. Growing Hope

Food Systems
 Ypsilanti, Michigan
Growing Hope has unique knowledge and skill sets from years of developing best practice in urban gardening and food access.