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Fare Resources

A new kind of management company.

1327 61st Street, Emeryville, San Francisco Bay Area 94608, United States

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A new kind of management company.

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 For the past decade Fare Resources has worked to strengthen local food communities. As consultants, we crafted food programs and supported entrepreneurs by facilitating the vision, strategy and launch of food businesses. Our background as consultants arms us with a fresh approach to defining a new kind of food management. Based in San Francisco, Fare Resources provides simple, thoughtfully sourced, delicious and local food while fostering community at the table and beyond. We think holistically–beyond the plate–about how food fits within your culture. Values, both yours and ours, drive every aspect of our programs.


We build unique programs to reflect your values, culture, engagement goals and budget. We guide you through:

  • Vision & strategy
  • Transparent financial planning & analysis
  • Infrastructure development
  • Kitchen design, build & launch


We operate all aspects of food experiences including meals, pantries, drinks, catering and events. Our on-site team manages:

  • Simple, thoughtfully sourced, delicious, local food
  • Multi-functioning food facilities
  • Executing & maintaining core tenets of your program
  • Quantifying & monitoring return on engagement