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Creating sustainable, equitable food systems

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Creating sustainable, equitable food systems

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Food Matters has developed an influential voice in the food sector and built a strong reputation for authoritative and evidenced analysis, opinion and action.

Our consultancy work is characterised by an active understanding of community development issues, and of domestic, European and international policy issues. Our belief is that local, national and global food issues are intimately linked and we aim to inform national policy-making through the work we undertake locally, and vice versa. Food Matters is able to draw upon the considerable experience of its core staff and the specific expertise of a wider pool of professionals with skills in a range of relevant disciplines.  These include: food poverty and access issues, sustainable agriculture, health, wellbeing and nutrition, children’s foods, local procurement, and consumer focussed research working both at a local grassroots level and in regional and national settings as well as graphic design, social media and information technology.

Food Matters offers support to individuals, groups, organisations and communities through consultancy to guide and support programme evaluation, research and project development.

Whilst this work is primarily focused on the food sector Food Matters also provides training and consultancy to groups and organisations in other sectors and around issues such as climate change, development planning, waste and community development.