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We are happy to discuss your project and how we can apply our far ranging experience to help you. For DDAs, municipalities, and similar government units, we’re happy to be invited to bid on RFPs to support you in planning and feasibility for farmers markets, gardens, and urban agriculture and food systems. For consulting firms, please consider us as a possible subcontractor when you need on the ground experience and deep sector expertise in food work. We’re not architects or urban planners, and we won’t go beyond what we know how to do. We aim to find projects where we can offer value based on our experience and expertise.


Growing Hope staff can provide custom-built trainings for communities throughout Michigan in our areas of expertise. In the last ten years our Garden Leadership Training (internal link) has empowered nearly 100 teams across southeast Michigan to develop or expand community gardens, schools gardens, agency gardens, and gardens at places of worship. We’re ready to take the show on the road and adapt our training to the needs of your community. This participatory training focuses on leadership development, community organizing, project planning, and site design, all in the context of community-based garden projects. The 10 hour base training is adaptable to single day, weekend, and multi-day formats. Mini-workshops, covering just some of the topics or giving an overview level of all of the material, are also available.

Looking for a customized training on another topic?

We can provide trainings or consulting around strategic planning (for nonprofits or food system work), urban agriculture, gardening, and related subjects, local food policy, and farmers markets, among others.

·       Are you a Michigan farmers market manager looking for training? Start first with our colleagues at the Michigan Farmers Market Association who offer premier trainings including a Market Manager Certificate Program.

·       Are you a school looking to transform your school environment into a healthier one? Integrate gardens? We’re happy to help. If you’re looking for deeper curricular transformation around sustainability, justice and racial issues, check out our friends at Creative Change Educational Solutions, or join the efforts of SEMIS.