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Recipe for change

Food Studies
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Food Studies is one of the fastest-growing fields of study in North America. It has expanded to become a broad academic discipline, encompassing the study of food delivery systems, social stability, human rights, public health, human and landscape sustainability, and urban/regional design and planning.

As a food studies student at Syracuse, your classroom might be in our experiential food laboratory one week, and the next week you’ll learn by doing at a local Community Supported Agriculture farm. Coursework and research opportunities will provide exposure to the urban design construction of food deserts, the complexity of domestic and foreign food aid, international food policy and local food governance systems, and much more.

Falk’s Food Studies programs include:

·       bachelor of science degree that takes a multilevel, holistic approach to food studies, examining it from production through consumption.

·       An undergraduate minor that offers unique and marketable complements to another major.

·       master of science degree that emphasizes a foundation in the political economy of food systems.

·       A graduate-level Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) for an enhanced employment profile in food-related fields.

You’ll gain marketable skills through courses, research opportunities with faculty, and internships that prepare you for a wide range of careers in areas including program evaluation, policy analysis, research, marketing, community outreach and project management, among others.

Falk College has embraced the multidisciplinary field of food studies because of its unlimited potential to change the world. The change you want to see in the world starts with you—and it starts today.