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At the Laurie M. Tisch Center for Food, Education & Policy, we believe that food and nutrition education has a crucial role to play in empowering people to understand and navigate the food system, as well as to become advocates for change on personal and policy levels. We seek to advance food and nutrition education that:

  • Is grounded in an understanding of, and engagement with, sustainable food systems as well as in behavioral nutrition- and socioecological-related theories
  • Is engaging, hands-on, and minds-on, is culturally appropriate, and promotes social justice
  • Incorporates gardening, cooking, eating, and critically analyzing food system issues

To do this, we have three broad areas of research:

  • Food Systems: explore people’s conceptual understandings about sustainable food production and consumption
  • Nutrition Education: develop and evaluate food and nutrition education curricula and interventions
  • Public Policy: investigate policies and practices that facilitate or hinder effective food and nutrition education implementation and reach

We value collaborative, interdisciplinary projects, and are committed to producing useful and practical models, tools, and policy recommendations. Through our activities, we aim to train the next generation of leading nutrition professionals, at both the master’s and doctoral levels, who are competent in both food and nutrition education and policy research and practice.