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City University of New York, Hunter College: Nutrition/Food Science (BS)

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The care of the future is mine

Food Science
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The Nutrition and Food Science (NFS) major in the CUNY School of Public Health at Hunter College campus is a diverse science-based program where students learn about food and its effect on our health. It offers a comprehensive study of the fundamental principles of food preparation and safety, nutrition, food service management, and community nutrition education. This is accomplished through the application of a variety of sciences. Students who like physical and biological sciences, are interested in good health, enjoy working with people, and are concerned about the nutritional well-being of people and communities will find interesting and challenging career opportunities within health care fields or in the food industry. The NFS major at CUNY School of Public Health at the Hunter College campus develops these interests and prepares students for challenging opportunities after graduation.

BS in Nutrition and Food Science (NFS)-- (54 credit major)

This pathway is designed for students who plan to enter the workforce directly out of college. The BS in NFS may be a terminal degree, or NFS graduates may elect to continue on for additional education. Students in the NFS major will take courses in nutrition, food science, food service management, research methods, community nutrition education, and epidemiology.

Along with providing students with a good preparation in nutrition, this major would also be good undergraduate preparation for those who might want to go into allied health fields, social work, or other human service professions. The elective courses also allows these undergraduate students who may wish to pursue medicine, nursing, physical therapy or other health careers to take additional science and other pre-requisite coursework for those programs.

Career Opportunities: The BS in NFS degree provides graduates with a wide variety of career opportunities. Foods and nutrition majors frequently work with athletes, weight control and fitness programs, or other special groups like WIC (Women, Infants & Children) in community settings. Industries like hotels, airlines, universities, food service chains, and industrial cafeterias employ food service managers. Graduates can become food science technical specialists and conduct research, development and quality control of food products for food companies. It is also possible to use foods and nutrition knowledge for jobs in advertising, marketing and in the mass media. Students can become consultants to television programs, or write articles on food for newspapers. Students may take steps after graduation to enter a graduate didactic program in dietetics to become registered dietitians.